Susanna Allen


Younger or older, learning music, although a discipline, should also be fun. So if you don't think so, or had no time or a tough time, consider differently. Try a month of my lessons and you'll want to do more. There are many ways to approach music that are not only classical. If you have had trouble reading music, have you ever considered playing piano by ear? I have enjoyed all kinds of music over the years – – from playing concert piano to orchestras and jazz, concert, and marching bands on clarinet; to performing at weddings, to playing guitar, banjo; even a little ukulele in a folk/gospel/country/bluegrass band. I guarantee you, even a year or two of piano can go a long way for your liking and understanding music in general.


I started private piano lessons at age 4 when others noticed I was playing tunes they were humming or singing. I continued these lessons, nonstop, from the same teacher for 15 years. This encouraged me to also pursue, study, and play first- chair clarinet from fifth grade until  college. Years after a music minor in college and an Education Degree, I pursued graduate school to become more proficient with adults as well as children. Along the way I used my teaching degree to teach music in both public and private schools, and privately. Along the years I privately studied voice and sang  in various schools, churches, large community choruses and currently sing Tenor aCapella in the local area. To finalize my education, I completed my doctoral studies in Adult Education/Psychology but left my Dissertation incomplete on Chapter 3 ! Once again my interests turned back to my music teaching work which makes for exciting days and evenings at Wickham Road Music!


If you've ever dreamed of doing music, get started now. Take a step forward, get unstuck by trying a few lessons today! You'll have all the help you need, and a new adventure in your life. I keep music in my life daily because it makes everything new, positive, and refreshing. As I sing  my way home, I look forward to tomorrow. I now have the privilege to share my many years of experience with you.


Happy Trails, Ms. Susanna





4900 North Wickham Road, Suite 106 Melbourne, FL USA

The store is ran by Don Farnsworth and his son Cullen. With the help of their dog Jackie Blue to greet you at the door!

We are fully dedicated with our passion of music. Helping others join the Art and teaching them as well. Everyone should have music apart of their life!