17 May 2016

 I bought this amp Brand New from a local, family owned, music shop so the price was great. I must have tried 30 or 40 different amps in my search for a new tube amp. This one had an amazing sound and amazing price. It's not a super high gain amp but the distortion it has is really smooth and sounds great for all the different kinds of music I play. It has 2 channels, clean and lead, and mine came with the Peavey footswitch which is pretty cheap feeling but serves it's purpose without any annoying pop. the effects loop sounds better than running the effects before the amp. This amp is REALLY loud, I love it. 100 tube watts with 2 12s is awesome. The neighbors come out to see what's going on at 3 and get angry at 5. I play in my house and the next house is about 150-200 feet away.

 I am very happy with this amp, it has more than enough power and I am taking it along to our first gig soon. It is a good match for the kind of music I play. It is light years ahead of previous amps I have owned and I will only ever consider tube amps from now on. There is plenty of room to modify and enhance this amp if you desire. You can upgrade the speakers and tubes, but I think it is fine as is. Rather than modifying it I will eventually upgrade to a half stack like a Mesa but that is further down the track when I have saved up enough. Overall for the money this is the best combo amp you can get right now in my opinion. Joel NZ - Ultimate Guitar.com

This is definitely a great amp, especially for the low price tag. It sounds great for all the music I play especially metal and hardcore, but also classic rock and blues, you just have to play with the settings. Hopefully I can get a little more distortion out of it when I retube it in a few months. I am very happy with this amp but if it broke or was stolen I would probably buy a more expensive amp like a Krank or mesa (unless the warranty would replace it). there's nothing I hate about the amp but I don't really like the lack of a master volume knob. I love how this amp has a very unique sound (especially how it doesn't sound like a Marshall or Fender). This would be a great first tube amp because of the price but it would also be great for an experienced player because of it's great sound.  // 10


Outstanding bang for the buck performer. Beautiful silky smooth tube tone. Great for most styles. Go to the distortion channel and share the wrath with your neighborhood. Add pedals for further fx and sound. Valve King stands up to boutique amps and in many ways blows them away. This amp is easily compared to Marshall & Bugera.

Quality Build

Valve King is built like a tank. Ready to gig and ready to move. Strong cabinet.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for strong and loud true tube tone, consider this amp.

by Wickham Road Music, Ultimate Guitar.com


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