17 May 2015

10 May 2015

03 May 2015

26  April 2016

 Play the Taylor 110CE acoustic with no amp and no effects, and it boasts a full tonal range and a clean, bold sound.

It's not a super high gain amp but the distortion it has is really smooth and sounds great for all the different kinds of music I play.

Tonally, this is by far the most versatile amp out there. You will not be disappointed!

These speakers carry substantial bass for their size. Add a sub woofer and you have a wall of sound.


4875 N Wickham Road Suite 101

Melbourne Fl, 32940

The store is ran by Don Farnsworth and his son Cullen. With the help of their dog Jackie Blue to greet you at the door!

We are fully dedicated with our passion of music. Helping others join the Art and teaching them as well. Everyone should have music apart of their life!